Automatically upload you inventory to each night.

If you already have a database-driven web site, then your entire inventory can be uploaded to automatically on a scheduled basis. Simply make your data available as a delimited text file on your web site and provide us the URL. Our system does the rest.

Have your webmaster see the instruction below for data file format, or contact us for further instructions regarding our computer technological services and research and design related thereto.

Data Import Format

The data format for the data import is a deliminated ascii text file. The delimiter to seperate fields is the pipe | symbol.
The delimter should be present even if the field is empty
Each vehicle must have all of it's data on one line.
No html code will be allowed.

Format Specification:

Field #
Field Name Field Requirement Notes
1 Vehicle Make Required Should be a valid make for best results, but we will try to decode VIN to arrive at make.
2 Vehicle Model Required Should be a valid model for best results, but we will try to decode the VIN to determine model.
3 Vehicle Type Required Car, Truck, Suv, Recreational Vehicle, Motorcycle, Misc Equipment, Van
4 Vehicle Condition Required Repaired, Damaged, Theft, Mechanical, Flood
5 Vehicle Year Required Four digits, for example 2004
6 Vehicle Price Optional US Dollar amounts only. A "0" price will have the site display "call for price"
7 Vehicle Description Required Free Form
8 Title Status Required Free Form
9 Odometer Optional Numeric only
10 VIN # Required Full vin
11 Your Stock Number Required Free form
12 Expiration date Required  yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss
13 External Link Optional Note, this field is required for any featured vehicle display ads to link back to your website.
14-23 Image Urls 1-10 Optional The url should point directly to the image file.
24 Sale Type Required Buy it Now, Auction, Parting Out