Display Advertising

eRepairables.com provides display advertising opportunities to those interested in not only drawing traffic to their site or offering, but also increasing their brand's recognition. With over 2 million annual users and highly-focused subject matter of damaged vehicles and related products and services, eRepairables.com offers a unique and powerful medium for salvage vehicle dealers, parts suppliers, vehicle shippers, repair facilities and other service providers. 

Research has shown that potential customers are more likely to purchase from a recognized brand name.  Well-recognized brands have an advantage over those that are not, which is why sophisticated advertisers invest heavily in having their companies easily recognized. In our own studies, we found that potential buyers were 800% more likely to say that they would trust purchasing from companies whose display advertisements were shown during browsing, even if the user did not click on the ad.

Pricing is based strictly on impression (ad view).  Availability is for top slots is limited.

Display Advertising Rates

Impressions Rate Per Impression
10,000 – 100,000 $0.01
100,000 – 500,000 $0.008
500,000 + $0.005

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eRepairables can accommodate most standard IAB ad sizes and formats. If you do not have artwork prepared, our design team can create it for you at no additional cost.


Standard campaigns are priced per impression, with significant discounts for higher monthly exposure.


Ads can be targeted by geographic location, time, keywords, etc…. .


With a highly targeted audience and rates designed with your return on investment in mind, eRepairables display advertising is without equal.

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