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Introduction Auction Services allows you to register once and bid online at hundreds of auction locations, even if an auction is closed to the general public.  Simply enter your proxy bid (the maxium you are willing to pay for a vehicle) and our system does the rest.  If your proxy bid is highest at sale time, you are able to purchase the vehicle through us at the sale price, which may be less than but no more than your proxy bid.


Registration & Bidding Eligibility

In order to participate in auctions, simply pay the non-refundable annual registration fee and allow a credit card authorization equal to 10% of your intended bid amount.  For example, if you intend to bid up to $20,000 on any combination of vehicles, we require a $2,000 credit card authorization hold.  Should you be outbid on a vehicle at any time, your bid for that vehicle will no longer count against your eligibility. Under normal circumstances, we do not actually charge the money;  it is only a hold to cover any minimum costs we incur on bidders behalf should a winining buyer renege on a purchase. Bids over 20000 require a 20% cash deposit payable by wire only.

If a vehicle is won, full invoice must be paid by wire transfer.


Auction Items

Although buyers have the opportunity to get great deals by purchasing auction vehicles, there are some inherent risks.  It is the buyers responsibity to know and accept these risks. 

Auctions need liquidate large quantities of vehicles quickly, and so not a great deal of time is spent inspecting vehicles and listing detailed descriptions.  Despite or even contrary to available vehicle descriptions, there may be unforseen damage, problems with paperwork, etc....  Accordingly, auctions generally cater to professional buyers who accept that they are purchasing an item whose condition or suitability for any purpose is uncertain.  Buyers who are not willing or able to accept the risk should not bid on auction items--there are no refunds.

Vehicles are NOT available for inspection by the general public, nor is anyone available with access to vehicles to answer vehicle-specific questions.  However, time allowing, full inspection reports may be ordered at a cost.

Auction items often come with a brief description. eRepairables and it affiliates do not guaranty the accuracy of description. All vehicles are sold"AS-IS WHERE-IS", WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR MERCHANTABILITY.  The term “vehicle(s)” shall mean all items posted for sale.

Loose parts may be lost or damaged while at auction or in transit. Their availability and condition cannot be guarantied. This includes loose parts visible in photos.

All vehicles are sold as is - where is.  Some auctions may note that vehicles start and/or drive.  We pass this information on to our visitors but do not guaranty the accuracy of ANY information. Such an assessment is generally made at the time the vehicle first enters the facility and at any rate should not be construed to suggest a vehicle is fit to stay running, is roadworthy, or will continue to start or drive beyond the point in time which it was tested. 

Additional and unforeseen damage (for example,  undercarriage, mechanical, and other latent defects)  may be found after you receive a vehicle. Vehicles may have also been previously repaired. Please keep this in mind when making offers.

eRepairables does not supply a repair estimate.  Any such estimate supplied carries no guarantee.

Please contact your local DMV to find your states guidelines for the reconstruction process. eRepairables and its affiliates cannot guarantee if a vehicle can be reconstructed or titled in a particular state or country.

Keys may be lost/stolen from Auction facility. eRepairables does NOT guaranty availability of keys.

Items found at Insurance Auctions receive many different titles. eRepairables does not guaranty transferability of ANY vehicle to a particular state or country. It is the customers responsibility to verify with their local DMV if a vehicle can be registered, plated, and driven.

Customers with adequate tranportation means may pick up any item in person or by preferred vendor.


Auction Process

eRepairables uses a proxy bid system where potential buyers can bid on vehicles until the posted deadline. After winning the auction, payment in full is made for the vehicle, as well as all applicable fees and taxes, within 2 business days via wire transfer.  We provide proof of purchase to the buyer, who then must pick up the vehicle from its auction location.

Competition for auction items typically increases as the close time draws near.  Accordingly, the current bid in the early stage is not a good indicator of the final sale price.  To increase the chances of winning a vehicle, bidders are encouraged to submit the MAXIMUM bid they are willing to pay.  Our system will automatically bid in small increments up to your maximum bid.  It is the bidders responsibity to monitor auction activity and maintain availability. 

eRepairables reserves the right to cancel any transaction at any stage in the process for any reason without prior notice.

The name on your drivers license must match your account information to receive title. Business customers must prove their association with the company in which they will be titling vehicle.

Vehicle can be picked up only after customer has proof of purchase. Please do NOT attempt to pick up vehicle without release authorization.

There is no guaranty for the timeline of title processing. eRepairables does not Guaranty the wordage of title will match exactly with the description listed. All Items are transferred to the name listed on account unless eRepairables is notified in advance of processing.


Transaction Costs

There are various costs for which the bidder/buyer is responsible associated with bidding/purchasing a vehicle.  Some of these costs are paid directly to, others are not.  If no vehicle is won, there is no cost.  If a vehicle is won, auction fees will vary dependent on the sale price.  Exact fees are calculated and displayed on the screen as you type a number in the bid form.  Simply login, navigate to a vehicle, and start typing an amount. Keep in mind fees are calculated on the amount entered.  If the sale price is less, the fees may be less. These fees are payable directly to upon winning a vehicle.

Shipping, taxes, registration, and any other costs associated with logistics, local government or anything else are not included in charges paid to and are the responsibility of the buyer.

The customer must pay the balance due within 2 business days from sale confirmation notification. All accounts with a balance due after 2 business days will be charged a late fee of $100 per item and risk forfeture of the item and deposit at the sole discretion of 

Purchases must be paid by Bank Wire Transfer  ONLY. Payment must be received by eRepairables within 2 business days of sale confirmation notification. Prepayment arrangements can be made for customers that may have difficulty making payment within this timeline (Prepayments can be quickly refunded or transferred to another purchase).

Items may be stored at auction lot for 4 calender days from the close of bidding at no additional charge. After this time, the customer will incur a $20 per day per item storage fee. If Item is not picked up within 2 weeks it will be considered abandoned and be resold without further reimbursement to customer. IT IS CRITICAL THAT YOUR VEHICLE IS PICKED UP ON TIME.

All payments should be made in U.S. dollars unless otherwise specified.



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