Lot Number: 22215660

2008 Ford F-350 Super Duty XL

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1,200 USD
Paoli, Indiana; United States

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  • Price: 1,200 USD
    Sale Type: Buy it Now
    Title: Other
    Vehicle Type: Truck
    Odometer: 123
    Condition: Used
    Stock Number: 03250
    Have Keys: unknown
    Test Started: unknown
    Test Drove: unknown
    Actual Cash Value:
    VIN: 03250************
    Body Type:
    Drive Type:
    Fuel Type: - Diesel
    Exterior Color: white
    Interior Color:
    Primary Damage:
    Secondary Damage: Miscellaneous
    Description: Ford F-350 Super Duty WHITE SUPER DUTY NOSE IN GOOD SHAPE

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